Post an Update

Posting updates is a great way to keep contact with you donors throughout the fundraising process.  Use this feature to let your donors know about milestones or you've reached, to encourage them to continue giving, to inform them of the impact their donations have already had and more.  When you post an update, it will automatically be emailed to your donors, as well as posted on the Updates tab of your GroupRev page for anyone to see.

Step 1: Click 'Post Update' below the fundraiser you wish to send the update for


Step 2: Create your update your update

You are welcome to include photos, videos, links, etc.


Step 3: Click 'Send Update' 

Your update will automatically email out to your donors and anyone who has subscribed to your updates.  It will also be visible on your fundraising page under the Updates tab.


Here is an example of a couple of updates.


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